I first visited Iceland in January 2018 and became so infatuated with all things Iceland that I came home and immediately booked a future flight and purchased just about all of the Icelandic language learning resources I could find at the same time. I had been to over a dozen countries, yet nowhere captivated me like this island nation south of the Arctic Circle.

The abbreviated version as to why I started this blog is that it serves as a space for me to note my Icelandic language learning goals, document my Icelandic progress, and share my learnings along the way. While I won’t actually write here every day, I will practice every day. (Join me?)

My hope is that this little blog serves as motivation for me to keep at it (amongst the language learning plateaus that come about, which there are many of), and perhaps even motivate a few others to learn Icelandic, too. 🙂