January 2019 Icelandic Goals

I had some pretty specific Icelandic goals for the last quarter of 2018…and I failed miserably at them. Oops.

It turns out working full-time plus teaching in the fall was a bit too much for me; I was too exhausted to focus on much else. 😦 I’ve actually been pretty hard on myself about my slow progress these past few months, as I visited Iceland in October and again for NYE and envisioned to be way more advanced than I was. I knew enough Icelandic to speak with flight attendants, baristas, servers, etc. using basic vocab—but I’m not at a point to have a legit convo in Icelandic with anyone right now. I hoped I might be.

My recent Iceland visits were still full of ample motivational moments though. While I have been disappointed in my slow progress, the Icelanders I practiced with were absolutely lovely and so encouraging.

Okay! So 2019 is here and I’m still a fan of goal setting; although, this time I intend to be a little more flexible and also a bit kinder to myself. 🙂 I’ll take it one month at a time—so in the remaining weeks of January, here’s what I am to tackle:

  • Be able to recite the Icelandic alphabet from memory. 🙂 I think I know it for the most part…
  • Complete all of Pimsleur’s Icelandic Level 1. (There are 30 lessons, and I’ve completed most of them.)
  • Complete a chapter or two in my “Learning Icelandic” workbook.
  • Complete Icelandic Online 1 through the University of Iceland.

I’m genuinely excited to get back at it. Okay! Áfram íslenska! 😀


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