Practicing Icelandic with KrakkaRÚV!

Jewells, host of the All Things Iceland podcast, and I have emailed a bit back and forth lately about learning Icelandic and she offered many wonderful resources and suggestions. One of her recommendations was to watch KrakkaRÚV, RÚV’s television programming for children.

I checked it out and clicked on an “Úti í umferðinni” video simply because I knew that “umferð” meant traffic, so perhaps I might recognize a few of the words in the shows. (I think “Úti í umferðinni” means “out in the traffic.”)

Úti í umferðinni — Úti að leika
Credit: KrakkaRÚV

The “Úti í umferðinni” series includes a number of short (2-3 minute) safety-related videos for kids, and the vocabulary is simple enough for me to (mostly) understand. 😀 (Honestly, the things that excite me nowadays related to learning Icelandic are rather hilarious.)

KrakkaRÚV is about ten times better than the Barnalög YouTube channel (those vids are helpful, but a 30-something-year-old can handle only so many cartoons and songs), and KrakkaRÚV offers quite a bit of variety. 😉

Skál til KrakkaRÚV!


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