Pimsleur Icelandic Practice [Lesson 25]

Last month I shared how I aim to finish the rest of my Pimsleur Icelandic audio lessons as one of my Icelandic October goals; I’ve repeated lesson 25 a few times and thought writing out some of the commonly used words and phrases in it might help me retain what I’ve learned.

Full disclosure—I imagine I have an error or two (or ten) here, so don’t rely on the below completely.

  • Where to do you intend to go? = Hvar ætlar þú að fara?
  • And with the children = Og með börnunum
  • Which way is best? = Hvaða leið er best?
  • The correct way = Rétta leiðin
  • Is this the correct way? = Er þetta rétta leiðin?
  • This is the correct way = Þetta er rétta leiðin
  • That is the correct way = Það er rétta leið
  • Turn = Beygðu
  • Drive further = Keyrðu lengra
  • Then = Síðan
  • Is it far to…? = Er langt á…?
  • How many…? = Hvað margir…? / Hversu margir…?
  • That is not far = Það er ekki langt
  • I would like to buy something = Mig langar að kaupa eitthvað
  • For = Handa (when buying something)
  • I would like to buy a wool sweater today = Mig langar að kaupa lopapeysu í dag
  • Can I (that)? = Get ég það?
  • Why? = Af hverju?
  • Why not? = Af hverju ekki?
  • Because = Af því að
  • The stores = Búðirnar
  • Closed = Lokaðar
  • The sores are closed = Búðirnar eru lokaðar (this one took me quite awhile to learn how to say!)
  • Blanket = Ullarteppi (this is a fun one to say!)
  • No, you cannot = Nei, þú getur það ekki
  • She answers = Hún svarar
  • Right? = Ekki satt?
  • Late = Áliðið
  • It is too late = Það er of áliðið

If you’re trying out Pimsleur Icelandic, too, I suggest doing each audio lesson on your own (without stopping to look things up) and making note of the words you want to check on later. I usually repeat each lesson multiple times and allow myself to look up translations/spelling later.

Góða skemmtun!


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