Recognizing Icelandic Words in Music

I always listen to music with no words or music not in English while at work. Listening to music with (English) words is too distracting while writing.

Today, while listening to Ásgeir’s Dýrð í dauðaþögn album, I paused when I heard the word “augnablik” in the song, “Þennan dag.” I learned augnablik (which means moments) this week during one of my Pimsleur audio lessons! Well…I thought augnablik was two words…and I actually thought it was augna blink, but I didn’t fully grasp the pronunciation during my audio lesson. 😉

This seems like a minor moment to celebrate, but what I loved most about it was that I was deep in work mode. I wasn’t paying attention to the music or trying to sort out any Icelandic words I know—and then just like that I noticed augnablik.

Small wins are still wins. 🙂 I think I’ll remember this little moment for quite some time.


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