Sometimes Icelandic is Logical

Icelandic might be quite tough for native English speakers like me to learn, and I might be terrified by noun declension tables, but Iceland does have moments where things feels all too logical.

Hard to believe? I know, but check this out:

  • almenningsbókasafn = public book museum = public library
  • ísbjörn = ice bear = polar bear
  • inniskór = inside shoes = slippers
  • hitastig = heat points = temperature
  • gleraugu = glass eyes = glasses
  • svefnherbergi = sleep room = bedroom
  • eldhús = fire house = kitchen
  • dýragarður = animal garden = zoo
  • flugvél = flight machine = airplane

See? And there are lots more logical words just like this. 🙂 So in those moments where you’re deep into Icelandic grammar and want to cry, remind yourself of these easy to understand words. 😀


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