Learning the Icelandic Alphabet

Honestly, I’m embarrassed to say that I still don’t have this down. I sometimes mix up the order and it’s still a bit tough for me to remember the pronunciation differences between o / ó and u / ú. Bless those handful of Icelanders who chose to make Icelandic alphabet YouTube videos because they’ve been incredibly helpful. 😛

This is the first YouTube video that helped me out:

And below is a newer YouTube video that I like even better because a) it doesn’t have any annoying background music with it and b) the narrator pronounces each letter twice. 🙂

And if you’re looking for a song to help remember—or you’ve got it down and you want to practice a bit faster—you can try out this YouTube video made for children:

If you’re anything like me, you’ll both dread this cartoon alphabet video and also have a special place in your heart for the catchy song simply because it makes remembering a bit easier. It’s very much a love-hate situation for me. 😉

And here they all are so you can practice on your own. 🙂

Credit: Omniglot

Good luck!



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